About Us

Our funding comes from our partners and their network of contacts, including highly successful entrepreneurs who may assist us as appropriate in working with management teams to develop and execute their business plans.

Our business is to invest in privately held profitable businesses which are well positioned to grow and where we can add value.

We are flexible in our investment approach and have particular expertise in management buy-ins, buy-outs and growth capital transactions. We can also provide an element of replacement capital, which enables founders and managers to realise a proportion of their shareholding, while retaining a stake in their business.

We structure our investments as transparently as possible and in a way that aligns the interests of all the parties, from investors to business owners, with a fair allocation of the rewards of success.

We take an active role in building and supporting strong management teams. The Partners of NWPE will take positions on the Board as Investor Directors and typically appoint an independent non-executive chairman or director to support the management team. We can also help to find other key executives where a need is identified.

With our experience, we can help management teams identify the financial and other resources required to achieve sustainable growth and help to put these resources in place.

We do not have any fixed investment horizon, although typically will look for a liquidity event after 3-5 years, subject to economic and sector cycles. Our aim is to maximise returns for the benefit of everyone: the business, the management and its shareholders.

NWPE Investments:

Cash Generator
Posture Plant
Cribbs Triangle Ltd